ReRoofing Existing Construction

If you are tired of emptying the buckets after a rainstorm then our attractive reroofing solution will get you to weather tight in a hurry. We install new roofs right over your well-worn one and in the process, you gain some insulating value from the existing roofing material that used to cause you grief. You may choose, however, to have us remove your existing shingles and repair any damage before installing the new roof.

We install 2×4’s on top of your existing shingles and fasten them with nails into the structural members of your roof system. This provides you with an air space between the existing shingles and your new roof which forms an insulating thermal and vapor barrier.

We then install your new roof using 29 gauge steel metal that is designed with structural ribs that strengthen and provides support to the metal allowing it to stand up to harsh weather conditions. We secure the metal with screws that have a special rubber washer that helps to seal each screw.

You can choose from 20 colors of metal to match the rest of your home. You can rest knowing that your metal roof is protected with a 40-year paint warranty.

We take care of all the needed permits and inspections which allows you to focus on the other important things in your life.