Roofing: New Construction

Installing a roof is one of those important steps in your building project that does not pay to take shortcuts. We provide you with an excellent product and service that you can trust and will protect your building and it’s contents for many years to come.

The first step that we take when installing a new roof is to lay down Titanium™ Synthetic Roofing Underlayment on top of your existing roofing material of OSB, plywood, or solid boards. This underlayment is a three-ply material that is designed to seal around each roofing screw and provides a weatherproof barrier between you and the elements.

Secondly we purchase a high grade of 29 gauge steel metal by Luthy Metal Sales that is manufactured and designed with structural ribs which strengthen and provides support to the metal allowing it to stand up to harsh weather conditions. We secure the metal with screws that have a special rubber washer that helps to seal each screw.

Take the pain out of getting permits and inspections by letting us handle it for you. We offer this service to give you one less thing to worry about.

Benefits & Features of Metal Roofing

  • Versatile:
    Our metal can be installed on roof sheathing or over existing shingles. This saves time and money by eliminating the removal and disposal costs of old roofing materials. By using our Smart Panel steel roofing, labor costs are minimized when a continuous sheet of metal is used from the peak to the eave.
  • Tough:
    Shingles are often replaced every 15-20 years. Our metal roofing panels will provide you with years of maintenance-free service life way beyond any asphalt or fiberglass shingle. Hail and windstorms that destroy shingles struggle to damage our full, hard steel panels. This truly should be the last roof you will need to install.
  • Efficient:
    Most conventional roofing materials absorb energy from the sun. Our Energy Star roofing panels reflect most of the sun’s rays which keeps the attic space and living space cooler. The energy savings of our Energy Star roofing will save you money today and into the future.
  • Insurance Savings:
    Many insurance companies will allow discounts for homeowners who have steel roofing due to the superior protection against hail, wind, and fire.
  • Home Appreciation:
    Steel roofing is an important part of improving the value of your home. Studies have shown steel roofing increases the value of most homes.